Charities 2015

Goede doelen / 26.02.2016

MusQueteer loves to contribute to society, it does so by supporting various charities.

We try to contribute in several ways.

Amsterdam City Swim 2015

city swimFor the second year in a row, the musQueteers honed their swimming skills– undeterred by bad weather –  in the lakes of Utrecht in Amsterdam. Our goal; to dive into the polluted canals of Amsterdam and swim the 2000 meters of the Amsterdam City Swim, organized by the Dutch ALS foundation. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is a fatal disease that affects muscle nerve cells. The goal of the City Swim is to raise awareness and money for research. In 2015, the musQueteer team raised €2,787.80 for the ALS foundation. As an added bonus, we found that training and participating together was a great teambuilding experience.

Hotel con Corazon

Aside from swimming for charity, we also like to run for a good cause. This year we participated in the Dam tot Dam run to raise money for Hotel con Corazon in Cambodia. We have supported this great project for some time by sponsoring it. The Hotel, which was founded by a Dutch couple, Eva and Gijs, invests its profits in surrounding schools. There are two goals: (i) increase the number of children that finish school and (ii) create jobs for local Cambodians. An awesome concept that musQueteer supports wholeheartedly. Click here for more information.

Serious Swim and Dive 2015

For the third time, musQueteer – in collaboration with Zwembad Merwestein and Aquarijn – organized a 19-hour swimming marathon for 3FM Serious Request. Both swimmers and divers participated in the Serious Swim & Dive 2015. All participants had the option to receive an introduction diving session or have their swimming technique analysed. Participants were entertained by various performances of bands and DJ’s and were provided with excellent sponsored meals. Like past events, the 2015 marathon was a big success which motivates us to organize it in 2016 as well. Some interesting facts of the Serious Swim & Dive 2015:

  • Number of swimmers: 120
  • Distance swam: 425km
  • Number of divers: 60
  • Number of sponsors: 28
  • Money raised for charity: €10,136.00

glazen huis     Swim     zwemrace

In 2016 the Serious Swim & Dive will take place on December 17-18 in swimming pool Merwestein, Nieuwegein.

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