Data Migration

“Complete and safe transfer of your business”


Typical challenges of a Data Migration Include:

  • Avoiding disruption of business processes
  • Ensuring ALL data is migrated
  • Handling complexities evolving from multiple legacy systems and multiple new applications
  • Dealing with existing data pollution
  • Dealing with live systems and ongoing changes

Companies that are merging, splitting up, or upgrading their business support systems represent typical situations where a Data Migration is required. MusQueteer provides experts who have managed and executed multiple large scale data migrations for various international companies in the telecommunications, utilities and energy industry. They have the know-how to pick up the correct migration strategy, to set-up the migration work stream(s) and to manage the entire project lifecycle, both onshore and off shore.


In general, a data migration consists of the following phases and topics. MusQueteer will tailor the exact phases and steps to match with your specific situation.

  • Determine strategy and scope
  • Analyse current situation and design solution
  • Develop solution and test
  • Dry run and go-live
  • Post go-live support

MusQueteer’s data migration experts will take care of your complete data migration, including:

  • Correct data Extraction from the source, Transformation of the data into the correct format and Loading data into the Target Application (ETL)
  • Cleaning of polluted and inconsistent data
  • Minimal business disruption and customer impact
Our services
MusQueteer is a boutique for IT Consulting services. We have developed multiple service offerings based on our shared experiences. Many of them are related to Data- and Project Management.