Document Management

“You can save a lot of time and money with a good document management system”


Inefficient management of documentation may lead to unnecessary high costs and disruption of business processes.

Did you know…
  • Employees use 20-40% of their time to manually search for information (Coopers and Lybrand)
  • The implementation of ECM system saves an average of 41.2% disk space (AIIM 2012 – Capitalizing on Content)
  • 59% of middle-managers miss (almost) every day information that they know exists but cannot be found (Accenture)
  • The ROI of ECM systems is approximately 612% (Nucleus Research)
  • Employees send an average of 2+ documents for approval to five persons every day (, 2011)

These reasons show that it is important for your company to think about your document management system. MusQueteer delivers experts with knowledge of document management systems, the technology and associated processes.

Every company has to deal with managing their information and documents. This is usually done in a traditional way of saving files in folders. Nowadays there are more efficient ways of managing information, through which it can be found easier and faster. It’s no longer about where information is saved, but what is saved.


MusQueteer combines knowledge of business processes with expert knowledge of technology. We have experience with a variety of systems that optimize data and document management, and broader experience with one system in particular: M-Files.
M-Files offers a content management solution, in which documents are no longer saved in directories, but categorized by assigning certain properties. Therefore, documents are no longer saved at a single location, rather they are easy to find by searching on their properties.

“MusQueteer has positive experiences with M-Files. It is a user friendly, well-conceived and flexible system. M-Files is like a toolbox which, once well utilized, will be of added value.”

What is musQueteer capable of regarding to M-Files?

  • Advice about the right M-Files configuration for your company
  • System implementation
  • Data transfer from the current system to M-Files
  • Training of end users
  • Data Quality management
  • Automatic generation of documents, e.g. invoices or contracts

Qualities and advantages of working with M-Files document management system:

  • Store and retrieve documents easily
  • Good integration with Windows
  • Flexibility: easily adjustable to meet your business needs
  • Version management
  • Traceability of document changes
  • Accessible with all devices, from pc to mobile
Our services
MusQueteer is a boutique for IT Consulting services. We have developed multiple service offerings based on our shared experiences. Many of them are related to Data- and Project Management.