Program Management

“Manage complexity successfully”


What makes program management challenging:

  • Handling complex organizations
  • Managing multiple interrelated projects simultaneously
  • Maintaining stability of software releases and upgrades
  • Managing priority conflicts between business functionality and technical releases

Program management is the discipline of managing multiple, interrelated projects in complex environments, both technically and organisationally. MusQueteer provides highly skilled professionals with years of program management experience, capable of coordinating multiple projects, people and complex business demands.


The musQueteer methodology, which provides a solid foundation for the execution of the program management strategy, particularly focuses on the following aspects:

  • Stakeholder and expectation management
  • Scoping
  • Implementation
  • Deployment
  • Release management

The business advantages of having a high quality program manager in place are:

  • Your projects are under control
  • A single person to lead and support both business and IT
  • Well-managed stakeholders
  • Issues minimized
Our services
MusQueteer is a boutique for IT Consulting services. We have developed multiple service offerings based on our shared experiences. Many of them are related to Data- and Project Management.