“Streamline processes, save costs and increase control”


Typical challenges in a Salesforce implementation include:

  • Understanding Business Processes
  • Forecasting and reporting
  • Integrating ERP, Financial and Content systems
  • Making the end-user happy and adopt the system
  • Data migration and validation
  • Security, authorization and user permissions

Organizations are always looking to streamline processes, save costs and increase control on their operations. With a well-tailored Salesforce solution, organizations can achieve those goals. To develop a well-tailored Salesforce solution, IT and business processes have to be aligned. This could mean that Salesforce has to be customized, integrations with existing systems have to be built, reports and dashboards have to be designed and data migrations have to be done.


MusQueteer supports their customers throughout the complete process: from designing the solution, to making sure end-users are happy and adopt the system. The musQueteer approach typically starts with a thorough analysis on the current IT landscape, data and business processes. We then develop functional and technical designs in close cooperation with the customer. When the design is approved we build the solution using Agile methodology and test the solution thoroughly together with the customer. When required, we can perform a data migration so that the customer can have a running start. We also offer end-user and administrator training.


MusQueteer employs expert certified Salesforce professionals who know the platform by heart. In addition, we can design and develop integrations with other systems, such as the corporate website, billing system or document management system. We understand that the success of a Salesforce implementation is largely defined by how it’s adopted by end-users throughout the organization. Therefore, we make sure that the solution matches their specific needs and that they are trained well.

Our services
MusQueteer is a boutique for IT Consulting services. We have developed multiple service offerings based on our shared experiences. Many of them are related to Data- and Project Management.