SAP Consultancy

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A functional consultant is one of the key members of an SAP project. The consultant is involved throughout the project; from collecting the user requirements to the after go-live support, having an important role in the process design, development, testing and training. The consultant follows the best practices and provides all the relevant project documentation to ensure a smooth execution of the project.


In essence the SAP project management follows the musQueteer release management guidelines.


Sometimes another type of software is used to steer the business process with the support of an interface from and/or to SAP. The timing of the integration can be anything  from immediate to regularly scheduled, but in all cases the consultant must be in control of the data flows and of all the parties involved in the process. It is also beneficial, yet not mandatory, to understand the nature of the type of software involved to be able to propose the best integration solutions.

Our services
MusQueteer is a boutique for IT Consulting services. We have developed multiple service offerings based on our shared experiences. Many of them are related to Data- and Project Management.